Developing an authentic personal brand ain’t easy. Feji, like many of us, is still on this quest. Her blog remains under wraps as she slowly but surely curates tips and insights for the modern, conscious WOC traveller.

One thing is for sure though, she’s hustling and having a ball at the same time. I trust she’ll get there, one (contagious) laugh at a time. 

Photos taken in Hoi An and Ubud.

Blog coming soon.


There is no easy way to define what Colleen does.  Having worked in different fields such as health education, yoga, marketing and content creation, one could say she is a multi-hyphenate and yet even this definition, somehow, still doesn’t quite fit.

Colleen has been following her own curiosities and has taken on adventures that not many of us dare to embark upon. Driven by personal growth, she travelled extensively, exploring not only different cultures but also her spirituality and true self.

Colleen and I met in Ubud last December. Fresh from her Camino trip, she shared how significant this shoot was after having a period of introspection and not being in front of a camera since she arrived in Bali. I shared how significant this was for me having not done any portraits before.

Here are some photos marking our new adventures (and where she debuts her new fringe!).

Glad and grateful for this collaboration!

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