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Let’s Be Better Humans is a project led by April (Len, nickname) who is a self-taught photographer and designer.


This project was created from the belief that there are genuine brands out there, a little kinder and a little more conscious, that are yet to fully make their mark and, thus, impact. This is where I’d like to come in – as your creative sidekick providing you with more effective visual story-telling. 


The dream is to establish a creative studio focused on forging partnerships with individuals, small businesses and organisations that move people and the world forward.

Lovely people I've worked with

Dalisay Clothing
Stella's Child
The Vibrant Nomad


April is very warm, thoughtful, and open. During our shoot, she made me feel really confident and safe as if I was shooting with a close friend. She brought her own creative ideas and took the time to listen to my inspiration and ideas. When I got my photos back I couldn’t wait to change my profile photos and share them with my friends and family.

– Colleen


I was very happy with April’s work! She was on time, professional, creative and kind. April is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about her craft and her stunning ability to highlight what makes you unique will make you excited to work with her again and again.



– Feji 

How I work

Full transparency: I’m currently working on this project part-time. I run a start-up (an educational app) alongside this* and have picked up many lessons along the way – one of which is: being a company of one is hella challenging but you’re not, and shouldn’t be, in this alone. Whatever you’re dealing with, I hear you and I’m here for you.

With that in mind, I work with one client at a time – this could last from two weeks to up to a month depending on your requirements. I enjoy collaborating with one person at a time as it allows me – us! – to dial into your vision and communicate your story.

*Don’t worry, I make time and treat both projects as my babies. 

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